Law Firm Websites

Information to Include on a Law Firm’s Website

All businesses, including law firms, are in need of a high quality website to inform potential customers, build up their brand reputation and name, and to provide essential information to others. Just what information is important to include on an law firm’s website and how a website can be used to help the firm grow are important considerations when building or renovating your site. Remember though, a website without marketing services or seo for your law firm won’t do you as much good as it has potential for.

Base Information and Attorney Profiles

At a minimum a law firm’s website should have some basic information about the firm including where it is located, a telephone number, and a listing of the specialties of the firm and the variety of services that they offer. If there are any awards that the firm or its partners have won, this is often advertised on the law firm’s website.

Most law firms highlight the individual partners that work at their firm. The webpage will have a separate section where each partner’s name, photo, and contact information is displayed. In addition there will be some information about where each partner went to undergraduate school and lost school, and will display any specialties of the partner and any awards that they have won during the career. Mini law firms will also have a fun fact about each corner to add a human touch to their firm.

Does your website need a blog?

Mini law firms will try to make their websites bastions for knowledge by adding interesting and engaging thought pieces on their website which highlights some aspect of the law and provides some insight into it. By doing so a law firm can gain a reputation as a thought leader which can help to expand the reputation of their law firm and put young talent to work in developing their assessment of the law. Further, a reputation as a thought leader can help to attract higher quality employees to the firm.

Career Center

A portion of the law firm’s website should center around working at the firm and list job opportunities and invite applicants to the job. Many law firms will have spots for alumni employees to interact with the firm and access to pay stubs and tax forms.

Links to Legal Resources

Many law firms will also provide links to the various law associations that they are members of and other law firms around the world that they partner with. Doing so can expand the breadth of offerings at the firm and demonstrate the footprint of the firm to observers.

Charity Pro Bono Work

Many law firms will advertise on their website how they are giving back to the community with pro bono charity work. They will list out their pro bono work to illustrate the commitment that they have for this local community and the missions that they care about.

A law firm’s website should be informative but should be attractive too. Have high quality graphics and smooth interfaces and be sure to consider those who will visit your

Website via their mobile device and their personal computer.