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Miami SEO – Miracle Gro For Your Business

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best tools you can use for an online business. The words are self-explanatory, without search engines the internet would be useless and without keywords to optimize the search those engines may never find you. When used properly, SEO will have a positive impact on your profit margin but beware, because when mishandled it could just as easily damage your brand and credibility.

It’s important to understand how a search engine functions to make SEO work for you instead of against you. In short, a search engine is nothing more than a huge database of different pages, and when you type in what your searching it uses a special program to retrieve all the best possible matches to what you’re looking for. The engine will scan every aspect of a page to determine its relevancy to your search and then show you what it found.

Why Is Structure, Content And Relevance So Important To Ranking

Page ranking factors include such things as domain age, length of content, and number of backlinks to that page. Obviously, the higher your page ranks, the easier you are to find.

Without SEO to optimize all the different factors of a webpage and influence search engine rank instead of rising to the top of a list, your site sinks to the bottom.

The whole idea behind SEO is using it to make a webpage easier for the search engine to read and make it more suitable to engine ranking requirements. Remember, the first place potential shoppers go when they log on is a search engine, and if your site has a low ranking or isn’t “readable” to the engine you may as well not be there at all. Many a potentially successful online business never left the starting gate because they failed to understand that simply having a website isn’t enough if neither structure nor content is relevant to both visitors and the search engine.

What Makes SEO For Miami Businesses So Important?

Google handles billions of search queries every day, each one is answered with a list of pages known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Obviously since this information is in list format the closer to the top your page is, the more clicks you will get. The first three pages listed get over 50%, and web traffic proves that most people rarely look any further than that.

For example, if your page ranks at or near the top of the list for a search of “used patio furniture” expecting at least a half million Google visitors isn’t unreasonable, and remember, Google isn’t the only search engine in use so that half million could be much more when all search engines that exist are taken into account. You don’t want your patio furniture to end up lost in a crowd of others trying to sell “used furniture.” In short, you need to rank for searches on used “patio” furniture to avoid becoming lost among hundreds of others selling “used” anything.

When people look for specific items or services on the internet it’s called a “targeted search” and this is where the value of good SEO proves itself.

These days it’s hard to find a home or business that does not have internet access or a webpage of some kind. All that potential business and the only thing you need to get more than your share of those clicks are well placed keywords so search engines can find you. Look at it this way.

Location can mean the success or failure of a “regular” business on any city street. If you’re not where people driving by can easily find you, you won’t get the customers you need to keep your store open. The same goes for the internet, if you want searchers to find you, a location at the top of a SERP’s list is like having a spot on the busiest street in town where you get all the foot traffic you can handle with no need to advertise for it.

ROI From SEO? Proof Is In The Math

Let’s use Google again as an example. Say your page is focused on gardening supplies and searching those two words showed (through Google AdWords) that a minimum of 200,000 people used this query every month.

Google AdWords is not a free service and you pay them for every visitor to you site because you really have no other choice. However, if your page ranks high on a SERPs list there is no need to pay Google a dime for directing a search to your page.
Depending on how popular your site is, the savings in advertising piles up amazingly fast all because of a single keyword and proper use of SEO. This is how you can move on from just barely average to absolutely outstanding. A

n article like this can only tell you what’s out there but not exactly how to put it in practice. Considering all the pluses involved with SEO this is a subject worth some tutoring time or even back to school if that’s what it takes to make it to the top of a SERPs list.


If you really don’t have the time to spend with a tutor or in a class room learning all there is to know about SEO, and how to make it work for your company there are other options. Look for an experienced SEO company to help you navigate the world of optimization, and improve your ranking with keywords that mean something to your business.

They should be qualified to improve your ranking, promote local business, drive targeted traffic to your page, engage searchers, increase conversions, reduce bounce rates, and have experience in your niche. Don’t be misled by agencies who claim to be able to get you a higher ranking simply by focusing only on keywords, there is more to it than that.
Remember the “yellow pages” in your local phone book or the ads in “old-fashioned” newspapers? Those dinosaurs have been retired in favor of the internet and there isn’t any reason your business should suffer for that when you can use it to prosper instead.