Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing Excellence: A Few Tips For Dental Marketing To Consider

When marketing as a dentist, there will be certain methods used that can make the practice of the dentist popular with the public. Below is a basic guide of how to market as a dentist and ways to attract more customers. Let’s take a look at a step by step guide to dentist marketing – if you are looking specifically for tips on search engine optimization, check our our dentist seo information here.

Understanding why to market

Marketing as a dentist starts with understanding just what it means to market and why is it important. Without answering this question, nothing else can follow. Having a marketing strategy is essential to any degree of success with marketing as a dentist. Below are a few questions that should be answered before embarking on any marketing campaign:

  1. What are the strong points of my practice? To answer this question, just think of the many ways that your individual practice stands out from the competition. Listing the advantages of the dental practice will be a critical starting point. For example, do you have a well built and easy to use dental website?
  2. What are the vulnerabilities of my practice? This question is answered by naming the areas the practice may be vulnerable at and the things that need improvement. What types of dental practice advertising am I running? Not every practice is invincible and there will be areas that need improving upon. This can be answered by looking over patient complaints.
  3. What are the foreseeable dangers? This is answered by realizing what dangers lie ahead and is there anything that needs to be defended against. Whether legal situations or anything else.
By answering the above three questions, a plan of action for effective marketing comes forth. There are many ways to gain new customers and these are just a few.

Who is a dentist’s primary target audience?

This question is answered by realizing who is the marketing aimed at. Primarily, this will not be older men nor will it be aimed at women. The primary target audience can be children because children are going to generate the adults automatically. To attend to the dental needs of a child in a safe and efficient manner, the parent will, in turn, seek out the same professionalism for their needs as well.

Being that children will be the targeted audience, there can be childlike features on the windows such as cartoon figures. The paper advertisements can be designed to be attractive to children. When a child comes to the dentist, they do not come alone. There is usually a parent with them.
This is why marketing to children is very effective. Half of the work needed to attract the adults are already taken care of. What makes attracting a child so vital to marketing is that the parents of the child usually wants to visit the same dentistry of the children.
It is not advantageous to visit multiple dentists in the home, so consolidating the household to one particular dentist is the obvious choice. Most practices will target women as the primary decision maker in the home and this is to be understood. Because this is the course of action many will cater to, it is an obvious well that is run dry.

Referral Coupons

Referral coupons are a very effective marketing strategy. Word of mouth is a very effective way to market a business. This is done by having referral coupons made out so that when a patient comes in to receive service and a coupon is presented, the original issuer of the coupon can then receive a benefit. This is usually in the form of discounted services or a cash bonus.
This is a very effective way because people will literally market the business in areas that the dentist is not in. With so much competition around, it is clearly seen at the outset why this is such an effective means of marketing.
The work to spread the name and practice of the dentistry is handled by those with the referral coupons. Everyone likes a prize and many like discounted prices for dental work.
This is effective because patients bring new patients in s dental business. The coupons can be sitting in the office, advertised online, or even mailed out to the local neighborhood of the practice. This will ramp up the energy to gain new patients as the prospect of prizes and discounts stand before the eyes of the holder with the coupon.

Public engagements

This is another method of marketing as a dentist. Engaging with the public can be done in the form of making a publication dedicated to the dentistry and passing them out to local businesses or supermarkets. In this way, the community can see and read about the dental office. Making the practice a primary sponsor for local events can also be a great way to engage the public. Fundraising events are everywhere and those who donate have banners and cards at the events.
Knowing the local neighborhood and some of the events to come is important because these are all opportunities to get the name of the dentistry out there. Where being a sponsor for the little league football games, or being a primary donor for the local Salvation Army, there are many ways to engage the public.
When people visit the laundromat, there is a tendency to sit down and read. The same rule applies for riding on a city bus. A few well-placed coupon books or literary publications can help make the dentistry public as well. Some dental practices have gone as far as having commercials placed on the local television networks. These are always geared toward enhancing the presence of the dental office.


Although there are many other ways to market as a dentist, the above-mentioned three ways are some of the most effective ways of marketing as a dentist. By taking up the approach of targeting children for the practice by making advertisements conducive to their eyes, having referral programs in place, and getting out and engaging the public, the dental office will have a higher chance of receiving new patients through its doors.