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85 N. Raymond Ave. Suite 812, Pasadena, CA 91103



The SEO Marketing Company provides world-class paid advertising (PPC) services designed to drive more of the right kind of traffic, leads, and sales to your business and feel the effects of higher conversions & more revenue.

We work with a team of specialists in-house, as well as strategic partners, to construct a tailor-made paid advertising campaign that will help bring more relevant and engaged traffic to your website. Being a preferred partner, we work closely with Google to use data-driven decisions about who we deliver your ads to – making sure we are targeting the individuals with the highest readiness to buy. We target these individuals using a variety of methods such as age, demographics, psychographics, and purchase readiness – all information provided by data and analytics.

Paid advertising is an excellent way to drive new sales of your products and services quickly. We recommend pairing this short-term quick strategy with a longer-term asset building strategy like SEO.


The SEO Marketing Company provides cutting edge analytics audits, services, tools & solutions designed to assist results-driven marketing teams & business owners more efficiently and accurately track, measure, and quantify all of their marketing activities.

The primary advantage of digital marketing methods (ex: PPC, SEO, email) over traditional marketing methods (ex: radio, TV, direct mail) is that everything can be tracked and properly attributed from first dollar spent to last dollar made. Accurate tracking & measurement should be the foundation of every digital marketing initiative, and is a pre-requisite for setting up a campaign with the goal of achieving a positive ROI.

Without proper analytics, you are flying blind. You can only guess what type of results you are getting from your marketing spend – and you will have no idea what changes to make to improve it.

When you know your numbers, you can craft data-driven strategies that can improve your numbers.


Pasadena SEO

Your Pasadena Business Needs Online Marketing &  SEO

Unless you’re brand new to the internet you’ve probably learned about search engine optimization. When you haven’t, then thank you for visiting the web based world! Stay away from anonymous forums and don’t see the comments on YouTube.

In spite of this, even though you’ve read about SEO doesn’t mean you know what it will or how it may help your business. This is unfortunate because SEO supplies the best return on investment regarding a marketing and advertising budget. Lots of people don’t realize this because SEO seems to be this type of slow-working process. When you invest some time to learn a little about how exactly SEO works, however, you’ll be blown away to find each of the ways it may help your company.

Pasadena Search Marketing Services

The first thing to understand about SEO is it’s not something. It’s a toolkit, a set of knobs and levers that enable you to tweak your internet presence. This can include becoming more search traffic, but that’s not the sole thing SEO can offer. It can also improve brand recognition, brand loyalty, kickstart viral marketing, and support numerous other marketing tactics.

It is because SEO tactics all center around obtaining the top spot on any relevant Internet search. As an example, if you’re an electrician in Fort Worth, then you would like to have your company website be near the top of searches like “Fort Worth electrician” or “best electricians in Fort Worth”.

Why Google Search Rankings Are Very Important

Those just entering into the business-end from the internet may well not realize why being near the top of a Google search is very important. After all, if you’re a local business and you also do good work then you don’t need search on the internet traffic.

That is far from the truth! People don’t search local sources for local businesses these days. Gone are the days of phone books and city papers. Today people grab an internet capable unit and do a Internet search.

It seems sensible when one considers how easy it is to discover information on the internet. Simply by typing into their phone, the standard person will find the nearest restaurant, service station, and mechanic within a few moments. From that perspective, why would someone use anything besides Google to discover information?

What Pasadena SEO Service Is Right For You?

Since SEO tactics are some tools, it’s important to work alongside an SEO company to find out your expections. Facebook generally is a great spot for your company to formulate brand loyalty. Alternatively, your business may not have plenty of interesting stories to know but you may have some good photographs. In that case, Instagram works very well.

That is why employing a high-quality Seo agency is so important. Over time, people seeking the support your business offers will begin looking for you. They’ll find your web site, they’ll hire your technicians, and you’ll watch the client list grow larger and larger. It might take a little bit more time to create, but the end result is exponentially more profitable than any other marketing tactic.