Law Firm Advertising

Law firm advertising – how to grow your practice with online ads
Attorneys did not traditionally market through print and television advertisements and relied on their reputations, best lawyer magazines, and through word of mouth to expand their customer base. This internal avoidance of advertising has changed, however, and law firms are now advertising in a variety of different ways including through digital advertising.

How Does Digital Advertising Work?

Digital advertising operates law firms hiring an advertising agency or contracting directly with a digital ad network to place ads on their behalf. The agency or ad network will work with you to help to identify which niche markets would be good targets for your online advertisements and will select websites (publishers) on which to place online ads for your needs. Online advertising typically charges advertisers based on the number of impressions or views for their advertisements.

How to Grow Your Law firm with Online Ads

Online ads can target very specific audiences and law firms should select advertising agencies and networks that have the ability to target based on:

– Geographic area
– income level
– demographics
– interests

Law firms can Increase their brand recognition of their firm through online advertisement. Doing so might result in significant additional business by becoming the name at the forefront of a persons mind when they are in need of legal services. The key for a law firm is to identify itself to the decision makers who will be choosing our firm to represent them.

A law firm should understand the opportunities out there in terms of market opportunity as well as the specialties that the law firm has. For example, if a firm has an specialty in estate law, it will make sense to target online ads to elderly people as well as those with older parents and the websites that they visit. Alternatively, if your law firm specializes in personal injury law, online advertisements around sites that discuss medical care and different physical therapy care may be great places to target those who may need their services. Law firms can expand their business with online ads targeting those segments of the population in need of their services.

Geographic area is important when reaching those who might use your law firm. Unless your firm is national you should be sure to choose sites frequented by local residents who have access to your law firm

Don’t Ignore Social Media and Other forms of Online Advertising

Buying ad space on websites is not the only way that law firms can Grow their business. Social media sites are also great places to advertise and can reach large audiences. Many online ads can be placed on social media sites and law firms can post articles and thought pieces on LinkedIn and other social media pages that can help a law firm to emerge as a thought leader and trusted advisor to potential clients and grow their law firm in this way.

Advertising directly on law firm sites and listings for best lawyers is a great way to garner new business and grow your firm.

Many law firms overlook online ads as a way of growing their business. Doing so is a mistake as there is a reason why online advertising is the fastest growing segment of advertising. Seize the opportunities available to your firm and grow with online ads.