Devin Schumacher is a digital marketing consultant, and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. Since early 2013, Devin has been an internet entrepreneur responsible for investing in, and co-founding, various mobile apps, online marketing & e-commerce companies and a venture capital fund that focused on early stage investments in digital ventures. Currently acting as Director of SEO for ONE400, Devin also serves as an advisor to numerous e-commerce companies and local businesses as President & Founder of Devin specializes in helping businesses grow by constructing, implementing and overseeing tailor-made online marketing strategies. Devin has worked with e-commerce brands, celebrities, personal brands, industry professionals, talent agencies, and small to mid-sized local businesses - helping to boost online presence, drive more traffic to their websites, and increase revenues. Devin also questions why bios are always written in the 3rd person, even when they are autobiographies most of the time, but goes along it anyways.