Dental Advertising

Want to Grow Your Dental Practice Faster? 11 Smart Advertising Techniques

You have joined the big league and now possess your dental practice. You need many clients to cover the initial cost of setting up your business. This is where it gets tricky.

The medical industry is very different from other markets; you don’t get walk-ins that easily, more so for a sensitive medical procedure like dentistry. You got to do some more work. How do you get a continuous stream of patients?

The key is in advertising; however, you’ll have to tweak your marketing strategy to befit your industry as well as the services you deliver. It is integral that you sound as unique as possible; after all, how will prospects distinguish you from other dentist practices, and they are very many.

In the beginning, it will be hard. Of course, you are new, you got to struggle to establish a reputation. All popular dentist practices dint just pop up, they built their reputation from the ground up. So, what advertising strategies should you apply?


1. Create a Unique Dental Website

This will be your ultimate hub for all your advertising efforts.

Hire a professional webs designer that will create a suitable design, update it regularly, and associate it with your brand. In the design ensure that it attracts your ideal patients and differentiates your dental practice from others.

Make it as responsive as possible and compatible with multiple devices and browsers. Somewhere in your website, include a call to action to encourage visitors to book an appointment. Remember that it is the simplest of designs that create the best leads.

Keep it simple, attractive and straightforward. Add some photos and testimonials. Prospective clients are most convinced when they see actual results.


2.Establish a Patient Referral Bonus System

Verbal referrals are the best. Would you trust posted content more than actual physical interaction? There’s nothing as fulfilling and certain as getting an assured suggestion from a client that has received the services before. Aim for at least 70% conversion from your patient referral program.

How do you do it? Offer them some form of bonus. If a referral is successful, the original referrer can get a discount on their dental procedure. Create some referral cards that you can offer your patients after a procedure or send it via mail.


3. Local Newsletter

According to statistics, 62% of medical practices prefer email communication – it is still a great marketing strategy. You can create a newsletter that will keep your clients updated on your practice and latest events. You can highlight your practice’s activities in the community. You will be sending this newsletter periodically to your clientele base.


4.Involve Yourself in Community Service

A lot of communities don’t have access to proper dental health. You can go out to the community and offer pro-bono dental care.

This will aid in showing that you care for the community and will paint your image as more than a business; a practice that cares for the community.

It is also your opportunity to meet people face-to-face. Such an interaction will foster stronger relationships with your community.


5. Cavity-Free Club

How about promoting proper oral health via creating a club where you motivate the participants? For the kids, you can offer them a small prize or reward for maintaining great oral health or after they are done with their check-up. Popularize your dental club via social media to motivate family members to take part. At your office, you can create some physical forms that people sign to pledge their membership to the cavity club.


6. Take Care of Your Reviews

Among the Internet of Things, people have perfected their freedom of expression through reviews sites. Since you are a service provider, you will find yourself in some.

Do an internet search of your practice or name. Note all the reviews that appear. Are they positive or negative? If you spot some reviews, create a profile and respond to them appropriately and with the most accurate data.


7. Create Social Media Pages

Visit popular social media pages like Facebook and Twitter and create an account for your dental practice. Make sure that you are active.

If you think you will not have enough time to manage this social media page and offer a responsive and interactive feedback, delegate this duty. However, make sure that you reply to all the sensitive queries. Link all your social media pages to your practice’s website.

Once you update, link them to articles and blog posts that are on your internet site. Engage your followers such that you can build your ranking on the internet.


8. Publish Videos For Video Marketing

Creating a video is the most successful strategy for communicating your message. People feel like they are actually interacting with you. You can create video about the services that you offer or film patient testimonials.

Once you add your patient testimonial to your practice’s website, you have offered people some social proof. Ensure that it is as original as possible as people are use used to marketing gimmicks. Add the video to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other social medical account you possess.


9. Begin a Dental Blog

Publish articles on your website on the most-searched dental procedures and offer your professional opinion. This will create a lot of traffic to your website.

Interested patients are searching for answers or an idea of what they are suffering from. Once they spot your article and it leads them to your website, they will discover your services, and that is a great conversion.


10. Get Listed in Different Dental Directories

Today’s consumers are research obsessed. How can you blame them, there are infinite resources on the internet. This means that they trust online resources, and if you populate your services on various directories, they are bound to locate you. This will then lead to your website.


11. Create Billboards

How often do you spot billboards? You probably have a lot of memories. Don’t take the messages that you spot on billboards for granted. Doesn’t that message that you see every day as you leave your office stick.

Therefore, billboard advertising is a great marketing strategy. Even though it might be a great challenge to starting practices, it is something that you should invest in for great leads.

Marketing is an essential thing in business. How else will people discover the services you are offering? Integrate different marketing ideas that will cushion where one falls short. Some might be costly, others affordable; however, all have different impacts. Choose the perfect mix to grow your dental practice.